Harvest Home

Fifteen days elapsed from the day I dropped the fiber at the post office until the FedEx man pulled into my driveway.  That's a new land speed record.

I'm still in shock.

Mary Bensel (GrandmaTutu) was here at the house when it came and we had to drop everything and pop the boxes open.  We plunged our hands into the first bags we came to and yelped in delight.

There's just no way this fiber could be lovelier.  We have several colors of pure alpaca, some heathered Jacob wool and one blend that contains both soft, soft wool and alpaca.  The harvest is just gorgeous.

As usual, I need to thank Lynn, Laurie, Amy and Barbara for their help getting the fiber from hoof to harvest.  This is a lot of poundage here.    Lynn has sent us detailed washing instructions so that the next time I can do a better job, and she will shave even more time off her incredible turn around.  We may not always get to be first in line at the mill, but with this kind of service, even standing in line won't be a problem...

Now, I'll need a little time to divide all this lusciousness up and get it ready to distribute to the shareholders.  I'll let everyone know when it's ready to go out the door.

And of course, you know what this means:  The 2011 Shares are about to become available!

This is how it will work - current shareholders may opt to get a 2011 share beginning TODAY.  E-mail me and I'll send you a PayPal invoice for the same great price as last year.

Folks on the 2010 waiting list who did not get a share may jump on board and get a 2011 Share after October 8.  I'll e-mail each of the waiting list folks to confirm that they are on the list and let them know that their option period has begun.

On October 16, the day of our big "Share the Harvest" Holiday Gift Market, we'll open up shares for everybody else.  The price will stay the same for the third year in a row - $150 for a full share.

Need to budget?  This year we'll offer half shares for $75.  Half the fiber, but all of the fun.  We hope this will help more friends join our merry band!

OK - now I'll get to divvying up the spoils.  Stay tuned for details...


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