The LRB: Space Case

First I must apologize: I loaned my camera out this past weekend, and it did not make it home. Until I get it replaced, it's all up to the Droid...

So, today, my pal Maryann came over to try out some ideas she had about how to fit more people into the LRB comfortably. I vowed years ago that when people I love and trust stay they have a great idea about streamlining or making the systems more efficient around here, I'm all ears. Yeah-boy, let's go. So before lunchtime, we started rearranging furniture.

You know how it goes - you start pulling out credenzas and fabric bins and yarn tubs, and before you know it, you're washing windows, organizing drawers, and vacuuming cobwebs, and not a square foot of floorspace is visible for all the piles.

It's stinking hard work, and we were on our feet for over ten hours.  Seriously.  We took a couple of breaks in the day - we went out for a Big Girl lunch at Jason's Deli, and then a quick dash into Hobby Lobby to pick up some goodies for the Friday Farmgirls' meeting.

We took a second break when I asked Maryann to help me round up the chickens and herd them into the Chick Inn.  We got most of them to cooperate - I think they have a vague memory of what we did last night.  Hopefully they'll get better and better at it with more practice.  Maryann's a natural with a rake; she might be able to earn a little pin money as a chicken wrangler.

And she is tireless - she wouldn't give up in the LRB until after 10 PM tonight.  My feet and back had completely mutinied, and I will surely gimp around tomorrow.  The barn isn't totally put back together, but it won't take much, and I think you're going to love the result when we finish!


  1. but where are the shots of the finished LRB?? Inquiring minds!

  2. They'll be up when it's finished - which isn't quite yet. Can you believe one little barn needs well over 10 hours of overhaul? How does it get like this? Entropy, I tell you. Entropy is my enemy.

    I'm so grateful to Maryann for seeing things with new eyes. That, on top of the great foundation laid by Laurie, is going to make a difference in there!

  3. Wow . . . job well done ladies. I can soooo relate, and I'm so impressed! I'm thinking soothing, healing, loving thoughts for your backs!! xoxo

  4. I am almost jealous. Almost. YEA MARYANN AND CINDY! Can't wait to see the fruit of the labor I've dreamed of for years ! :o)


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