The Magnificent Mohair of Mea Stone

I'm so happy to resume my Artisan Profiles so that you'll know the story behind each of our vendors at the "Share the Harvest" Holiday Gift Market here at the farm on October 16.

Tonight I'd like to introduce you to my friend, Mea Stone, of Stony Woods Farm in Keller, TX.  A relative newcomer to livestock, Mea began her goat herd in 2006.  She had been diagnosed with MS, and found that working with the goats was great relaxation therapy for her.

Mea enjoys the whole process, "from goats to garments," as she produces raw mohair fiber, hand spun yarns, and crocheted items from her colored angora goats.  Her goats have won awards in the show ring, and she offers individual animals and starter herds for sale to aspiring goatherds.  She hopes to enjoy this lifestyle for years to come, and to inspire others to reach for their dreams.

Personally, I'm spinning some of the fiber from her charcoal gray goat, Vanna, and it's among the yummiest mohair I've ever spun.  It's going to knit up beautifully. 

Come see Mea's beautiful offerings at the Gift Market on October 16, and check out her wonderful website in the meantime: Stony Woods Farm.


Guess what?  This is my 600th blog post.  Hot-diggity!  I think tomorrow we'll have a GIVEAWAY to celebrate!!


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