Men at Play

The guineas greeted me about mid-day today as I went out to the barn to top off the water buckets.  They've taken to perching on any one of several gates in the south pasture.  When they're not scurrying around on the ground looking for grasshoppers, they like to watch the scenery from a high perch.

They're really kind of fun to have around.

Our two Suri alpacas, the only two intact alpacas on the place, are feeling their oats as the weather begins to cool off.  Though they're joined at the hip everywhere they go, the old hormones do kick in from time to time, and some competitive wrestling, leg gnawing and ear biting breaks out.  It looks like this:

Then, as soon they each show the other who's boss, it ends, and the boys go back to being their sweet, shy, luxury-fiber-growing selves.


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