Over the Rainbow

Lots of soft, sweet rain fell today.  The pastures and wild critters soaked it up like a healing balm.  It made tromping through the paddocks a little sticky on the feet, but I'm not complaining.  Especially since the temperature dropped fifteen degrees or so and I didn't have to refill water buckets.  Then just before sunset, the clouds blew away and the sun saturated the landscape with deep, glowing color.

The guys are plugging away on the Big Momma Chicken Condo, and if all goes to plan, they should be finished early tomorrow.  Pal Laurie and I will be packing up some of the fiber to go to the processor for our 2010 harvest.  Steady progress on many fronts.  What a glorious place to be.


  1. Lucky me, I'm heading to gloryland...can't wait to get dirty !


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