This Week's Highlight Reel

Had a blast today with fabulous weather, a fantastic knitting student/friend, and a meeting of the LRB Farmgirls.  So much fun, in fact, that I forgot to take any pictures.  Unbelievable.  But I have a few saved up from some great farm moments from this week:

The alpacas always insist on supervising any pasture business, including Bennett and John's work on the Chick Inn.  I didn't hear any complaints, so I guess they approved of the construction plan.

With the coop construction and reorganization, I've begun a long process of diplomacy efforts between all the chicken sub-tribes.  It'll be a while before all the poultry have settled into their new digs.  The young Ameraucanas and the guineas are just learning to free range and then come home.  The free ranging is going well.  The coming home part is going to take some work. 

The guineas didn't even want to venture out at first.  But now, I've spent some part of the last two evenings herding guineas with a rake into the barn, because they will NOT go back into the tractor.  That little dark door is just too scary.

While I was teaching my knitting class this morning, an anonymous visitor left this great wooden sign on my front porch.  I'm going to rearrange everything in the LRB to make the perfect place for it.  Love it, love it.  Thank you, drive-by gift giver!

Also love this darling cafe curtain Maryann custom-embroidered for the door of the LRB.  (Had to move it to get a photo.)  It's the best!  I love when people play on their cool equipment and make us the beneficiaries.  Thank you, Maryann!

The LRB Farmgirl Chapter held its first orientation meeting today.  There's palpable excitement and lots of planning going on for the future.  All the details will be over on the Farmgirl blog soon.

In the meantime, have an awesome Labor Day Weekend!  Celebrate and stay safe...


  1. Just FYI, after we spent all this time raising our guineas in with our chickens, Ken was reading on some blog today that you should NOT do that because the guineas will learn to stay with the chickens instead of going out and doing their guinea duties! I guess they are actually supposed to roost in trees and/or out on their own. Hmmm. Not saying this is right or wrong 'cause I darn sure don't know, just passing it along.

  2. Thanks, Mary - I actually think I want the guineas to be as much like the chickens as possible. My chickens roam this whole place - down by the creek, up by the road... they get around. If the chickens stayed right by the barn, that might make sense, but mine go all over creation. The guineas will probably go even farther. Once the guineas decide not to come in at night, I'll start losing them to owls and other predators, right out of the trees, which will be a bummer. I'd like to keep them around as long as possible.

  3. I love the pictures! And a sweet little gift just showing up like that? How wonderful! You know you've got good friends when gifties show up out of the blue.


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