World Wide Spin in Public Day.  After the disastrous dealings with the mall (maul?), I wondered how today would go. 

It rocked.

After a little LRB spinning and knitting warm up, Peggy, Mary, Rita and I adjourned to Jason's Deli on Central Expressway (in front of the Mall That Shall Not Be Named) and enjoyed a lovely lunch.  When our tummies were filled, our hands got to work.

Mary's working on a really pretty Multidirectional Scarf.

Peggy's got a lovely lace scarf going with a multicolored yarn.

Rita brought her Spin In Public Supply Container filled with fiber and her hand painted drop spindle.

Spin, Rita, spin!

I'm working on a simple hat made with a bulky Hobby Lobby yarn in fall-ish colors.  Yum.

We drew the attention of the manager, Rick, who thought we were really fun.  He invited us to stay and knit/spin for as long as we wanted.  Especially when he heard how we'd been treated you-know-where.

We also met some of Jason's patrons, like little Jenna and her mom, and Karen here, who is fascinated with yarn crafts.  Isn't this what Spin in Public day is all about?  The fiber love was shared.

Mission accomplished.


  1. What fun !! So sorry I missed out again. You mean the little mall with the creek in it? I thought that place closed down already....
    Spin on, girls !

  2. You guys look like you had a blast! Sorry I missed it, but I couldn't miss taking Isabella to the water park! Oh My!! That was a BLAST!!!
    See you next Saturday! XOXOXO!!

  3. I am so glad that you had a great time! What a great idea to go to Jason's Deli!


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