An Experiment

Ruth hits the water cooler after a long shift.

Thought we'd try Ruth in the alpaca pasture again last night.  It went well.

She's been feeling really good, acting frisky in the brisk fall weather, and she discouraged a couple of coyotes from investigating the farm when DH had her out with him the other morning.  We thought it might be a good idea to try her out in the pasture, at least overnight, when she'd be the most needed.  The cool weather is bringing the coyotes out more and more, even in broad daylight.

We don't need a tragedy, if we can avoid it.

Solomon and the suri boys need to get reacquainted with their protector.

She barked a lot overnight, as did Judah on the north side, but she was happy this morning and came back in for her breakfast and morning scritches.   I think I'll let her sleep off her long night inside today and try her outside again tonight.  She's comfy in her big white coat, so there're no worries about the cold.  She did come in a wee bit dewy, but that's to be expected. 

This is pretty unconventional, asking a dog to be a pet by day and a protector at night, but Ruthie's a special case.   And, time will tell.

Happy to be back on the job.


  1. So glad to hear it went well. The alpacas really need a protector and I am certain that Ruth is a happier dog with at least a part time job now that it is cooler and she is feeling better

  2. Yeah Ruth! Give her a good scratch behind the ears for me and tell her I think she is a great dog--and then do the same for Judah. I think our puppies are just happier when they are feeling like a useful part of the family. My dogs think their job is to clean our plates when we are busy doing something else.

  3. That's a great idea! I am sure Ruth loves being able to be outside. Hope she continues to build her strength back, too. She is a pretty one. :)


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