Fall Flowers Flourish

On my way out to the barn for morning chores, I was struck by the colorful display going on in my flower beds. I'm not the best vegetable gardener around, but my Texas native and adapted perennials sure put on a dependable show every autumn.

Potted mums.

Snap Dragons.  Not a perennial, but pretty on the porch.

 Gregg Salvia (or Autumn Sage).  Comes in lots of colors.

 Fall Aster.  Pops open every October like clockwork.

Mexican Mint Marigold.  Smells like anise and makes a nice tea.

Turk's Cap.  Hummingbird magnet.

Turk's Cap makes "hips" like roses.

Blue Mist Flower (or Boneset, or Ageratum).  Monarch butterfly crack.

Flame Acanthus.  Hummingbird crack.

Scull Cap.

Autumn Joy Sedum.

Russian Sage.

Pavonia (or Rock Rose).

Come enjoy our garden if you're in the neighborhood.  Soon, they'll all be going to sleep for the winter.


  1. Beautiful!
    It feels like winter here tooday with heavy rain,gloomy light levels for part of the day, and now, a short glimpse of sun! Strange English weather! However, it has made a damp start to half term! Good knitting weather!!


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