Flashback from the Fun, Forward to the Future

Just had to post a quick moment from Saturday's Gift Market. The warm fuzzies will last me well into the coming winter.  The only thing more fun than attending a craft market chock full of splendid handmade lovelies, is having that craft market in your front yard...  Oh yes, in your front yard on one of the most beautiful days of the year.

And speaking of what's coming, our 2011 Shares are already selling briskly. Get a whole or half share and join us in all the fun we have planned at the farm this year. Links in the right margin.

Hint: Christmas party... just sayin.


  1. Wow - the video looks amazing. I'm still so sad I missed it :(

  2. Tasha - we collected some beautiful stuff for Newborns in Need. Let's plan to connect sometime...


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