Goin' Like a House a-Fire

 Country Woods Inn, in Glen Rose, TX.  I highly recommend this place.

What a wonderful thing a change of scenery can be.  Just a couple of days away from the routine did me a world of good.  I got to hang out with some of my BFFs and relax at an awesome bed and breakfast in Glen Rose, TX this past weekend.  And now, recharged and refreshed, it's time to hit it hard.

Love a potluck meal on a big farm table with some of my best pals.

"Share the Harvest" Holiday Gift Market - we're two weeks away from the biggest on-site event of the year.  I really hope you can make it - you'll have a blast, I promise.

The 20+ vendors are concocting big fun for "Share the Harvest" at one of our planning meetings.

Our Holga pictures are back from Ellie, and what a bunch of neat images we created!  See the whole collection here.

 Micah looks just as dejected in an artsy Holga image as in real life.

This Friday is the Farmgirls' meeting in the LRB - Potluck dinner at 6 PM and meeting at 7 PM.  Y'all come!

Yep, the apron class is coming up - details soon.

Share fiber is going out to the 2010 shareholders, and 2011 shares will go on sale on October 16!  Watch for a link to the updated homepage that day to purchase a whole or half share for the coming fiber year.  We have some really big plans for you in 2011...

Can you believe we're already working on next year's harvest?

Also coming up on the horizon, is the Kid N Ewe Fiber Festival in Boerne, TX, just six weekends from now.  Pal Rita and I are judging the alpaca Spin-Off competition for the State of Texas Alpaca Ranchers, and the results will be displayed there at Kid N Ewe.  The Farm will also have a booth in the alpaca building where you can take a load off your feet and spin a bit.

We had a ball at last year's Kid N Ewe festival.  

In fact, it's time for me to head over to the Little Red Barn to spin and judge some award-winning alpaca fleeces.  Don't be jealous... much.


  1. Really glad to see you survived a weekend without internet. I have been SO worried!

  2. Much easier than I expected, Liz. I'm amazed.

  3. Wow! What a busy time you have coming up! Just had a call from my daughter. She and hubby, Jim, just got home from their California by Harley. They have had an amazing time! They went doen to Steve's Mum's for the weekend, south west of here. We went down in the same direction to a wool mill (very interesting,I will blog at some stage). They tried to surprise us by calling in here on their way home................we must have passed each other on the motorway! What a shame! But we have just arranged to meet up on Christmas Eve, that will be fun! Have a geat time in all your fibre persuites! We often think of you all over there in the Little Red Barn.
    Hugs to you and the group

  4. Thanks, Caroline - you just made me smile thinking of Christmas Eve... mmmmmmm!


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