Growing Season

Texas has two seasons where you hunker down in the house and catch up on your reading:  summer and winter.  But we also have two growing seasons: spring and fall.  We've finally been enjoying tolerable temperatures of late, so it seems a great time to put some pretty color in the vacant pots around here. 

Go grow something... there's still time.


  1. Will you share some dirt space?

  2. Absolutely, Laurie - we just have to evict the Bermuda and Johnson grass first. ;-)

  3. I'm on it. I volunteered at my DG's school to help with their garden--organic garden I must say. Looking forward to it. Something really special about getting hands dirty to produce beautiful, sustaining produce from the earth. Love it!!

  4. I shall be digging over the school garden in the next few days with a small group of children. Too late to grow too much here now as the frosts are starting! Today was the coolest so far and tonight is really cold! The starlings that migrate to the levels are here from Russia again, so the murmurations must be happening over the levels. The large swirling flocks are something to see!

  5. First frosts have arrived here in SW England, however we have since recieved warmer weather! This is catchout time I think! We somehow know there is going to be a colder snap very soon! The clocks went back last night, so we are now on GMT rather than British Summer Time. The starlings are gathering for their flight display in the evenings now. You can find them here

    This is an old bit of movie, but it still looks the same.
    Steve and I have yet to watch this live, although we do keep visiting the places where we are supposed to be able to see them.!

  6. Just found an even more spectacular link, this time from Scotland!


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