How to Lose 500 Pounds

Gail and I made another run to the dump today.  I feel like a Hoarders graduate - working free from the chains that hold me down.  It's not necessary to have a pathological desire to save every pop top and TP roll to have entirely too much stuff for the size of your living space.  Around here, a little extra junk makes an extra big mess.

But the "Share the Harvest" Holiday Gift Market is almost here, and every day closer inspires me to keep working down to the bones of our lovely property.  I want to really get the place shiny to show off all our wonderful artisans on Saturday (10 AM to 4 PM, thanks for asking).

Gay spins fine yarn and hypnotizes cats at the same time.

Speaking of artisans, I'd love for you to know my friend Gay Getz, who will be offering her handmade crystal rosaries and knotted cord rosaries at our Gift Market.  Gay learned to spin in the Little Red Barn, and she's making some lovely yarns on her Babe wheel, but Saturday, she'll be concentrating on more spiritual pursuits, with these wonderful aids to prayer and meditation.  Gay's husband is an Episcopal priest, and she has studied the many aspects of prayer and its effect in our personal lives.  She's a gentle, soft-spoken lady with a lot to share.  Do come say "hi" on Saturday.


Now, what else can I throw out that isn't nailed down?


  1. I'll do my best to find something else on Friday! I promise....

  2. That picture of Gay is one of the most beautiful I hae seen for a long time! SO relaxed, as is your dear cat who looks as though he is bout to slip off her knee!


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