Jennifer Stuart: Artisan Profile

Another talented Jennifer in the spotlight:  Jennifer Stuart, also known as "Aubergine" will showcase her photography and her knitting skills at the "Share the Harvest" Holiday Gift Market here on October 16. 

Jennifer is a long-time friend of the farm - a regular here at the Little Red Barn on our Third Saturday spin-ins.  It was there, and on her blog, that I learned about her wonderful dream of one day having a piece of property where she could build a sustainable artists' retreat and farm.  She came here to learn what I have learned about raising chickens and eggs and wool and sheep.  She also has a heart to offer a peaceful place for artists to grow and life travelers to rest. 

Her work reflects these goals - even her varied "day jobs:" au pair coordinator, Mona Vie distributor, real estate rehabber and stager, and more.  Come meet Jennifer and peruse her heart-wrought wares.  This Gift Market will be a rich setting for art, craft, fun, and joy!


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