Lightening the Load

One of the side benefits of having a big party on your property is that you finally have enough peer pressure (and your mom's voice in your head) to clean up the junk that has been accumulating for months or years around the property.  Beautiful fall weather also helps motivate me to tackle these big projects.  But, realistically, they're too many and too big for me to do alone.  Enter, friends.

I have several friends who I can usually rely on to help around the farm when a big job calls for many hands and objective eyes.  And yesterday, I got some help from some old friends who are new to the farm.  My pals Debbie and Robert Morris live in a big house down in inner-city Dallas, where they provide a home, training, and a safe family setting for young men who commit to the one-year Christian program.  "The Father's House" takes these guys wherever they are - and with whatever challenges they are fighting in their lives.  It's a very good place.  And these young men welcome a chance to get out of the city and do some tough labor in the country air.  They loved the chickens, alpacas, and Judah the LGD, even though he did his best to intimidate them.

The boys banged out a bunch of the jobs on my list, made a huge difference, and asked if they could come back next week.  Um, yeah, that would be just fine.  I'm sure I can find something for you to do...  Thank you, guys, for a super job - good attitudes, willing hands, and good appetites for Church's Fried Chicken.

Today, our Gail came over and helped me fill the back of the truck with stuff for the dump.  We loved tossing all that stuff over the side of the pit at the transfer station, and feeling the load lighten by hundreds of pounds.  It was Big Goofy High Five time for these farm girls. 

The job isn't finished, but it's seriously on the run.  Can't wait for everyone to see the tidied farm (and so much more) on October 16 for the "Share the Harvest" Holiday Gift Market!


  1. What a great way to clean up - with those helpers! I like it!

  2. DUDES !! I know exactly how those guys feel - wanting to come back next week. They are SERIOUSLY ON TIME :) Thanks, guys. AND Gail! When I grow up, I wanna be you.

  3. The best help comes from young men like those! Your friends are wonderful!

  4. Wow! That's so great to have help like that!


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