Little Lost Alpaca

 Little lost alpaca, looking for his friends...

Today started with a call from my friend Cyndi, who alerted me that the police were chasing an alpaca down my street.  Wait, what????  I dashed outside to see several cars in front of my house, and a stately black alpaca with flowing fiber FLYING down the road.  Whew - it wasn't one of mine.

But, still, this pretty boy was terrified and running pell mell toward my neighbor's horse pasture.  I knew it was a fool's errand to try to get a halter on a traumatized alpaca that didn't know any of us, out in the open like that, so I suggested we just let him stop and settle down while we thought out a solution.

I recognized him as belonging to people who lived across the main street and west about half a mile.  So I sent the police to the owner's house to see if they could come lure the poor boy back to safety.

Meanwhile, the PC repairman showed up in his little VW bug.  Drats.  What to do?  Put the repair guy to work and go back to the 'paca problem.

The owner showed up but was unsuccessful trying to get the boy to come to a feed bucket.  I watched helplessly as they tried to push him to some kind of enclosure with pickup trucks, Gators, and on foot.  By this time, they're running all over the 10 acre pasture across from my house like the Keystone Cops, so I had a great view of the not-so-merry chase from my front porch.  If the day had been warm, the alpaca would have dropped dead from heat exhaustion.  Fortunately, in today's crisp weather, he had a surprising amount of stamina.

Finally after two hours, the poor guy was so tired they were able to get a rope around his neck and lead him back home.  The kind fire chief called me to let me know it all worked out well.  And the owner offered to sell the alpaca to me for $100.  That's a bargain, compared to what the PC repair guy cost me.


  1. He looks so pretty Cindy! Are you going to take him on? I'm sure your girls would love him!

  2. Actually, Caroline - I don't have any girl alpacas ;-) But I agree he is pretty... Black is one of my favorite alpaca colors.

  3. So did you buy the alpaca? Inquring minds want to know.

  4. No Liz... I didn't even get to look at him up close. Not sure what his fiber is like or his health history, or whatnot. I did leave his owner a message with my phone number this evening. I'm curious to hear his story.

  5. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Your PC repair guy drives a VW bug? cool! What year? Oh, wait. probably an air cooled new beetle... ;-( Can you say "Geek Squad?"


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