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I'm dying to show off the wonderful work of a couple of my dear friends, Rita and Mary.  They'll be featured at Saturday's big "Share the Harvest" Holiday Gift Market here at the farm.  They're both members of my spinning group, the Texas Twisters, but their talents carry them much further than just spinning.

Rita Spins in Public at Jason's Deli.

Rita, of Rita's Originals, makes beautiful hand dyed and hand carded spinning batts.  She blends different colored fibers and materials into soft, fluffy, sometimes sparkly, confections that spin up into beautiful yarns.  These batts are as entertaining for the spinner as they are for the knitters who make the yarn into dazzling finished items.

Mmmmmm - purpley goodness.

Rita knows about yarn - she's quite an accomplished knitter herself.  She has done some test knitting for - one of our favorite on-line yarn vendors.  At the moment, Rita and I are judging the alpaca spin-off competition for the State of Texas Alpaca Ranchers.  You can be sure that her batts reflect the kind of product she enjoys using in her own spinning and knitting.

Mary inhales some beautiful Jacob wool, here at the farm.

Mary Bensel, or GrandmaTutu, is also a spinner and knitter, but you'll also get a good look at her sewing and soap-making skills on Saturday.  I've seen some of her gorgeous project bags and sheep-shaped soaps, and know you'll really go gaga for these great gift items.  For instance, she has a pumpkin-scented soap that had me hungry for pie with one whiff.  She's launching her new website, very soon, so bookmark it for future reference.

Do come out and meet these very special ladies on Saturday - knock out some of your Christmas shopping while you're at it...


  1. Wonderful way to spend time with friends, hey? I have been spinning up my most amazing Jacob fleece these past few nights while watching t.V. with my husband, and spinning the wool of our own sheep is such a blessing, isn't it?

  2. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Loved the market, Cindy. All the fiber, and especially those sheep soaps, were to die for!


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