'Paca Pedicures

Can't slow down yet.  I'm still spinning alpaca samples for all I'm worth, and the day-to-day chores around here don't let up.  Thankfully, my co-farmer Gail stopped by today to help me clean the chicken coop, scrub out all the water buckets, and especially, trim alpaca toenails.

This was Gail's first experience trimming nails, and as usual, the 'pacas made a complete liar out of me.  The one boy from whom I expected trouble, Solomon, stood absolutely still while I trimmed his toenails - no need for any restraint at all.  But our littlest boy, Micah, who I think of as a pushover, gave us the ride of our lives.  We were dripping sweat after that little exercise.

Gail and Solomon, inexplicably on his best behavior.

It just goes to show you - these critters will keep you on your toes and provide surprises around every bend.  Tomorrow - guard dog grooming.

If you would like to have a turn at helping with hands-on animal work, please let me know your availability (weekdays, weekends, evenings) and I'll let you know when somebody needs attention.  Lots of these jobs need at least two sets of hands.  Get paid in critter smooches.


  1. Sounds as though you had fun!

  2. If I remember right, Solomon behaved last time I "helped", too . . . I can't remember if it was Micah or Boaz who threw me . . .


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