Treasure Hunt

This morning I pointed the F-150 east and headed out to Quinlan, Texas, to meet a couple who had some alpaca fiber to sell.  I met Lois and Bill Anderson on their nice homestead way, way out in the country, down county roads and farm-to-market roads and gravel lanes.  On this beautiful day, it was a refreshing drive.

Bill had served in the Air Force, and the more we talked, the more we found we had in common.  Lois is recovering from a tough bout with cancer, which is why they chose recently to sell all their alpacas.  Bill wanted to share his bounty of fiber with someone who'd appreciate it, to offset some medical bills.  I was happy to oblige.

He showed me to his neat shed/workshop where I found a mountain of lovely fiber to pick through.  While I touched and weighed and strained over my decisions, Bill went back outside to continue work grading his driveway with his awesome John Deere tractor.  I admit to a bit of equipment envy.

I decided on three lovely fleeces - "Hannah," a dark fawn, "Hotty Totty," a very nice white, and "White Puff," an eat-it-with-a-spoon white.  These will become part of our 2011 harvest, in keeping with our mission to support local alpaca owners whose fiber might otherwise stay stashed away and wasted.  As our financial situation allows, I'll  probably go back and take another prowl through Bill's fleeces for more treasure.  This fiber needs to be seen and used and valued.

"White Puff" has blinding white fiber with great lock structure.  It feels like a cria fleece.


  1. So what does a bag of fiber like that cost?

  2. There are dozens of variables like softness, cleanliness, lock structure, etc., that affect the price. I've seen it range from less than a dollar an ounce to over two dollars per ounce. I negotiated what I thought was a fair price for the quantity and quality of the fleece I bought. ;-)


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