We Don't Melt

Yes, we saw the forecast - thunderstorms and tornado warnings.  But we fearless friends trundled to the Little Red Barn today to enjoy some quiet fellowship and fiber shenanigans.  It's hard to beat hot coffee and knitting on a gray, drizzly, 60-degree day.

Gay came and went before I could get any photo evidence.  She didn't even leave behind any trace of the beautiful peach and gray batt she was spinning.  But she did leave behind a gorgeous ripe pomegranate from her yard.  Talk about sharing the harvest!  Thank you Gay!

Then Rita and Marlene came by for some group knitting time.  Rita's been working on a really beautiful entrelac baby blanket for a coworker who will be a first-time grandmother next week.  We've watched this blanket grow over the weeks, and today, she finished it, save the crochet border and end-tucking.  That's going to be one lucky baby!

And speaking of lucky, our lucky Marlene worked down her stash a bit with this pretty two-toned scarf of unknown fiber content.  It's soft, and that's what really matters.

When I remembered to keep my hands going as diligently as my mouth, I got more of my alpaca sample judging done.  It's so nice to have company for what is usually a solitary responsibility.

A small group, to be sure, but just the right size to spread out and enjoy coffee and sweet conversation.  We'd love to have you with us next time, 'k?  Our next spin-in here at the Little Red Barn is November 20th.  We'll save a place for you...


  1. Please tell Ritathe blanket looks wonderful!

  2. How blessed you all were to share such a wonderful time!

  3. Thanks, Sandra - it was lovely. BTW, I've been remiss for not adding your blog to my blogroll on the right. Off to fix that right now!


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