When Universes Collide

I got an interesting call yesterday from an old friend I hadn't seen in maybe twelve years.  We used to attend the same church, and our daughters are roughly the same age.  I knew she was still around, but our paths just never seemed to cross.  Turns out she's working for a radio buddy that I did morning show stuff with twenty years ago in Dallas.  He has his own radio/TV production company, and his offices and studio are ten minutes from my house.  And they're looking for a female voice talent for a series of commercials--could I stop by for a chat?

Um, yeah!

I drove over to his studio and sat in the engineer's booth while he cranked out a few radio spots.  Brings back some good old days for me.

Looking over engineer John's shoulder at Rick in the booth.
Brings back some good times.

Voice work is really a blast and I miss it.  My circumstances got too complicated four or five years ago and I had to give it up.  But now, it seems I may get another chance to have some fun with old friends and make a few bucks at the same time.  Tomorrow, I'll go back to do an informal audition, and then we'll see what the client thinks.  No guarantees when the decision is up to a client, but it's worth a shot, and it will be fun just to get back into the saddle.  Or headphones.  Whatever.


  1. Anonymous1:19 PM


    Good luck with the interview. A chance to do something else for a little while and make a few bucks at the same time sounds great. Alpacamama

  2. wow, Cindy! That sounds great! I would love to hear another podcast from you too, but I guess if you're a working girl there may not be time!

  3. Might they be looking for a male voice in the near future? Or perhaps an experienced behind-the-scenes radio person to help with production, etc.? My eldest son really could use a job change. (He's been working third shift way too long!)


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