Encouraging Little Things to Grow

Isn't it Auntie Mame who said that money is like manure... it's only good when it's spread around encouraging little things to grow?  Well, I don't have a lot of money, but I've got a boat-load of composted manure.  And St. Christopher's Montessori School needed it in its gardens.  Our own Mary Bensel's (Grandma Tutu) granddaughter attends that school, and so when the need for garden amendment came up, we were happy to help.

Grandpa Bensel came and loaded bags of the Paca Gold into feed sacks to take to the school's garden work day.  Looks like they had an awesome time and got lots of planting done.  Grow, little plants, GROW!


  1. I believe it was Dolly.... *:)

  2. Good catch, K - thanks!

  3. It's so much fun when you plant with kids! We harvested tomatoes and runner beans at the beginning of term (September),. Goods that the children had planted at the end of the previous term (July). They were so excited to see what hd grown while they had been enjoying the summer holidays! They also ran a fundraiser for a school we are linked to in Kenya... guess the weight of the huge pumpkin! I think the answer was 17.5 kg!

  4. I love the thought of the children growing food they can eat later--it's a good lesson for them for sure! Thank you, Cindy, for being invested in important things, like loving the land and the animals, and for sharing that bounty with us! xoxo


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