Got the "Boerne's Over" Blues

Sunday at the Kid N Ewe festival is usually more relaxed than Saturday, so we were able to do a bit of our own shopping and occasionally put our feet up. Ahhhhhh.  So nice to breathe deep and rest.

These ladies didn't rest - Edee slaved away on the knitting machine and Joyce spun her heart out for the STAR (State of Texas Alpaca Ranchers) Fiber to Fashion project that wrapped up Sunday. Breeder Amy McCroskie donated a gorgeous fleece, which Joyce spun and Edee knitted into a beautiful shawl.  The shawl was then auctioned off at the end of the day. I'm happy to report that I'll be taking that lovely shawl home as soon as it's blocked and finished, and the money will go to help students at the Texas A&M vet school learn more about camelids!

And here's a sweet camelid -- breeder Jeannie Wells smooched her pretty gray and white boy, Silver Masquerade, who did a great job of flirting with the festival-goers.

New friend Melissa stopped by to hone her Babe spinning skills, and worked with alpaca fiber for the first time.  Great job, girl - you made it look easy!

Friend Marie did very well with her alpaca fleece samples in the Spin-Off competition.  Congratulations, Marie on your lovely fiber!  Her beautiful black alpacas consistently place high in fiber shows.

The feeling of autumn and winding-down is overwhelming now here at the farm, as the temperatures have cooled and the leaves are falling.  I saw a new word coined that I like - fibernation.  I think I feel some fibernation coming on.

I'd love to show you the pretty yarn I brought home to play with, but we got home late last night, exhausted, and I still have to unpack the truck.  Wah.


  1. I wish we would have made it back there on Sunday . . . I think next year I will drive myself down so that I can hang out a bit longer instead of being at someone else's mercy!

  2. I'm just glad you got to come, Chris, and get a little fiber time. Hope to see you Saturday, too - you're overdue for some quality time with your wheel, I bet...


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