The two Great Pyrs teamed up today, and had a blast doing it.  Ted put Ruth in the sheep pasture with Judah this morning, and they were having so much fun, I couldn't bear to take her out.

All that whiteness...  They really look impressive working together.

...or playing together...

They both got a lot of the "fall friskies" out of their systems, and Ruth got nice and dirty.  They chased trucks along the fenceline and barked their fool heads off.  
It's supposed to rain tonight, and Ruth looked kind of spent this evening, so I've brought her back into the house.  But I think she and Judah make a marvelous team, and I'll turn them out together again soon.  If Ruth can build up her stamina, she may find herself on the payroll in the pasture once more.


  1. That would be so terrific!

  2. It's great to see Ruth doing so well. I'll tell Robin to check out your blog. Ruth looks so happy.



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