Pre-Holiday Fiber Confab

Hilarity ensued in the LRB today.

OK, Peggy thought it was funny.  Linda was lost in fiber reverie. 

A really fun group spent some quality fiber time solving the problems of the world.  If you weren't there, we probably talked about you.  About how much we missed you and stuff.

Smokey stayed busy warming various laps.

 Dawn shared sweet smelling Scentsy samples, and indulged her curiosity about chicken anatomy (don't ask).

Liz made great progress on a gorgeous teal scarf.

Rita spun her heart out, working on a super-secret Birthday Surprise. 

Leslie poured over Dawn's Scentsy catalog.  Yum!

And Peggy made about forty-leven beautiful rolags out of some marginal roving.  Way to go.

Michelle took her new Bluebonnet spinning wheel for a spin, but I neglected to get a good photo of the pretty wheel in action.  Boo.

I got a long way on a Christmas gift, but I can't talk about it... you know how that goes.... the walls have ears...

All in all, I think we accomplished some mighty great things.  We'll be hanging out next Saturday as well, so if you have time during the busy Thanksgiving break and want to get some Christmas projects going or just chill out, meet us here!  LRB, 10 AM Saturday.


  1. What day will be your next meeting in December? I keep dreaming of driving up for a few day visit. Ray came back from the Boerne trip with a horrendous cold, which I got on Thursday. We are a pitiful pair although Ray is much better about soldering on than I am. I'm counting on this being a virus that will be gone in 10 days, no more!

  2. Glad everyone had a great time!


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