Shareholders' Christmas Tea

I'm wrapping a few Christmas presents right now, and I have some Christmas music on to keep me motivated.  (No it's not too early.)  So I thought it was high time to look ahead to celebrating my favorite season with my dear friends who have worked for and invested in our Farm.

If you are a current or past Shareholder of JRF, please set aside the afternoon of December 11, 2010 to join us in the Little Red Barn for a casual time of sweets and treats. I would love to have you!  This day is all about having fun together and offering you my thanks for your support.  Bring your spinning and knitting, and a heart full of cheer!

And, so there's no confusion, this is in addition to our regular Third Saturday Spin-in at the LRB on December 18.  Whoohoo.... PARTY!

See you then!


  1. I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed that the gig we have that day will give me some time to come by. A little friend and fiber therapy at JR during the holidays is always in order!


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