Shareholders: The Suri is in the House

The last little bit of 2010 share fiber has arrived from the mill, and holy catfish Annie, is it incredible.  This is from our little Suri boys, Boaz and Micah, who love to pose for all the best portraits.  Because they are little guys, and because suri is a very dense fiber, we waited and combined both this year's fleeces and last year's fleeces, to give us a good volume of fiber to distribute in shares.

It's very lustrous, with a gorgeous creamy cast, mostly due to Boaz's light-light apricot coloring, and Micah's one apricot spot. 

I cannot wait to get this into your hands - you will cry like a baby.

"You can thank us with carrots."


  1. I'll have mine with whipped cream, pleased!

  2. That is just the cutest picture! And once again I'm so envious that I haven't become a shareholder. What's my problem???

  3. I can hook you up, my vertically challenged friend ;-)


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