Tying the Knot

Kissing the Bride

Still recovering from my whirlwind trip to St. Louis for my niece's wedding, and to see family who climb big mountains and cross big waters to gather together for the occasion.  I spent about 23 hours in the car to get there and back, but it was completely worth it.

Sister #1 - Mother of the Bride

Sparklers instead of rice...

That would be us...

My niece Alicia is now a married lady, and she did it in style.   Her husband Jeff is a gem.   Got to see my sister's family, my step-mom from Hawaii and my other sister from Hawaii.  Drove my youngest sister home with me to see the farm and then today, I sent her back home to her own family. 

Sister #2 checking out JR's house...

Very fast visit, but such a wonderful time for us who are so far apart on the globe.  Snif.

And now we change horses and dive in to preparations for Kid N Ewe in Boerne, TX!  Will I see you there?


  1. The sparklers are beautiful! What a lovely touch!

  2. Lovely bride and lovely wedding--and the sparklers are such a cool idea!

  3. Oh Cindy! She's beautiful! Looks as though you all had a wonderful day!


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