We Can Give Life

Our sheep here at Jacob's Reward Farm are precious to us.  We love their silly faces and personalities, and we love the wool they give us to spin and knit and wear.  But for us, it's a hobby.

Imagine a situation where the gift of sheep could keep a family together, and fed (with milk), and warm, and alive?  That situation exists in lots of places all over the world, and we have a chance to give that gift of a flock of sheep.

You may remember that I like to give animal gifts in the name of my family and friends at Christmas through World Vision, because they have one of the highest ratings given by charity watchdogs for integrity and fiscal responsibility.  Almost all the money given goes to people in need rather than to overhead costs.  That's good.  And I know that the animals given to these needy people will come with solid livestock training, and with the mindset of passing on the blessing.  The offspring of these animals will be given to other needy people in the same community who need a leg up in the world.  This rocks.

I can't do this alone, and I know that when we band together, we can do great things.  So here's the deal:  A flock of 5 sheep costs $525.  Two flocks cost $1050, three cost $1575.  I think we can raise that much.  And I want to make it worth your while, so I want to chip in some motivation.  The person who raises the most money (personally and from friends, co-workers, family, etc.) will receive a wonderful gift - the hand spun, machine knitted alpaca shawl I won at the auction in Boerne.  It's made with gorgeous white fiber from Amy McCroskie's alpacas, and it's utterly lovely.  Imagine that for yourself or as an incredible Christmas gift.  It's in the final stages of completion, and I'll have a photo of it as soon as I get it.  If we get enough money donated for three flocks of sheep, I'll come up with another wonderful prize for the second-runner-up donation getter.  Everyone who donates $20 or more will receive a JRF water bottle.

The deadline for donations coming in will be December 15th, and the prize(s) will be awarded at our Spin-In on the 18th.  I've made it easy for you to solicit donations with the information sheet here.  Print it out and carry it with you.  Understandably, people will want to know where their money is going, and this will give them the whole story. 

JRFarm Friends are some of the biggest-hearted people I know.  This Christmas could be our merriest ever.


  1. I forgot to mention that people can make their checks out either to Jacob's Reward Farm with "World Vision Sheep" in the memo, or make it out to World Vision and send it to the farm to be mailed with all the donations together. Either way works.

    Can you spare a few bucks to change lives?

    Send to Jacob's Reward Farm
    4308 Church Lane
    Parker, TX 75002


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