Christmas with Our Farm Family

Christmastime is such a great excuse to celebrate the lovely people who make up the Jacob's Reward Farm family - and today we partied with gusto. 

If you consider an afternoon tea a rowdy get-together.

Linda brought us some lovely finger sandwiches and regaled us with her latest art project stories.

 Karen got her first taste of the LRB and enjoyed some adult "girl time."

Diane Piwko sent some of her homemade fudge for our party - it's so good!  Get to her yarn shop in Farmersville, "Fiber Circle," to sample her various flavors of fabulous fudge.  (Ask about the Raspberry/Jalapeno!)   Oh yeah, and there's yarn.

Gail made everyone the most precious Victorian tussy-mussies made with repurposed farm journal pages, and adorned with handmade bee pins.  So lovely.  I put the candy in, because I'm such a helper.

Everybody went home with goodies!

Rita got to show off her new engagement ring!  Sparkly!

Shareholders old and new introduced themselves and brought us up to speed about their lives.  Leslie told us about her latest entrepreneurial exploits on Etsy.  She's getting after it!

Gay didn't get to stay long with us, but we sure enjoyed her sweet company.  This is a busy time in the life of a clergyman's wife.

What a joy to be knee to knee with your best peeps.  Peggy drove up from Balch Springs, and Gail came from just down the street, and she also stayed to help with evening chores.

Tasha learned about the challenge of knitting with a kitty in your lap.  Watch those claws, Smokey...  

We were so excited to meet new shareholder Denise for the first time.  She's an audiology student at UNT, and a wonderful knitter - check out the progress on her new sweater!   Spinning is next Denise... just sayin.'

Peggy, explained how she and Gene will be playing Santa and Mrs. Claus for an upcoming theatrical production - roles they had sworn never to do.  Never say never, eh Peggy?

LRB regulars Brenda and Tutu always bring such a sweetness to our conversations!  And I think they got some good knitting done today, too...  (If you haven't tried any of Mary's soap, you're really missing a treat.)

Chris got to come to the barn for the first time in a long time - here's hoping that the work schedule goes back to a sustainable pace before she 'splodes!

And Paula got to be with us as well, (yay!) and admitted to a secret desire to become a dairy goat lady someday.  We'll train her up right on our sheep and alpacas, so that she'll be ready when the time is right.

 The afternoon flew by, and kicked off a wonderful Christmas season here at the farm.

We were thinking about and missing all the shareholders, local and not local, who weren't able to be with us today - I hope we can fix that sometime soon!

And just check out our World Vision Sheep Fund thermometer - a very nice set of contributions came in today that nearly put us up to the goal.  Can we make it in the next few days?  I hope to send off our donations in about a week to World Vision.  Just think about those sheep-enhanced families whose lives will be forever changed by your little acts of kindness.  Yay you!!


  1. I should be pretty schooled at knitting with a kitty in my lap, but apparently Smoky isn't as tolerant as my Janie when have yarn all wrapped around her leg! LOL

    Thanks for today - it was a lot of fun. And I'm still petting my fiber.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time, sorry I missed it.


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