Farm Faces

Taking time today to enjoy some of the funny and endearing faces around the farm that make it such a delightful place to hang out.  I never get tired of coming upon these guys as they go about their very important business during the day.  What could be on an alpaca's To Do List on an average afternoon?

Gizmo, the old man of the farm, is a philosopher, I think.

Boaz, is busy putting on good staple length in his butter-soft coat.

Chickens.  How can these creatures be so regal and so stupid at the same time?

Phineas.  Heads above the rest of the flock.  I'm thinking of fitting him with a saddle.

The guineas - only two remain, but they're doing their part to keep up the decibel levels.

Samson: striking, in many ways.  Don't turn your back on him.

And Ruth, the magnificent heart with a waggy tail.
Come visit all the gracious creatures of Jacob's Reward Farm.


  1. Great photo's of some great animals, on a fabulous farm. :)

  2. We would love to schedule a time to come visit your farm. I heard about you from the DFW Fiber Fest group. I have 4 children who are homeschooled plus a friend with two children who might want to join us. Could you email me about specifics? Thank you!

  3. OH ! I never noticed Samson's pink ear !

  4. Love (1,000,000). xoxo


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