Farm Team Work Day

Two faithful members of the Farm Team came by today to see to it that Shepherd Cindy got the day's work done without re-injuring her back, or putting a cramp in her brain.

The sheep know which side of their bread is buttered.

Though fierce to strangers, Judah loves his Auntie Gail.

Gail was here early this morning to feed the animals and putter around the farm, while GrandmaTutu helped with clerical tasks.  (Good news, distant shareholders - your suri fiber is in the mail!)

Tutu pours over the farm's spreadsheets.
"You spend how much on hay?"

What would I do without my Farm Team?

We also had a visit from some Christmas Elves, working on treats and goodies for Saturday's Shareholders' Christmas Tea.  If you are a past or present shareholder and have not RSVP'd, please drop me a note, or e-mail, or call soon, so that we have enough pressies for everyone!


  1. I am so glad you are feeling better and that you have help. Wish you were a bit closer so I could pitch in more.

  2. Now I am jealous. Judah loves Gail. I've GOT to get to the farm so he can stop barking at me !!!!!!!

  3. Oh, you two are both irreplaceable Farm Team members with your own irreplaceable gifts! You both bring your gifts to the farm and contribute in irreplaceable ways! xoxoxoxoxo


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