It Pays to Give

There's still a week to contribute to and to solicit contributions for our Sheep Flocks fund for World Vision, and we're bubbling over with Christmas Spirit!  We're not quite half way to our goal on the thermometer, but that only measures the money we have in hand.  I hope folks are still gathering donations from friends and coworkers with the help of our printable donation form.

I want to show you how I intend to thank the friend who gathers the most donations:  here is the hand spun, machine knitted and hand crochet-finished shawl I will give to the Sheep Flock big hitter.

This shawl is a soft as butter, as you'd expect from fiber that comes from the McCroskie alpaca ranch.  Cyndi Daugherty, Joyce Jackson, and Edee Buglione spun the yarn, and Edee knitted it on her very cool knitting machine.  She then added a hand crocheted shell edging and washed and blocked it.

It measures 76" from tip to tip, and is 21" high from the center back to the point.  It's a substantial 11 ounces of warm, smooshie goodness.  This is such a gorgeous shawl, I can't just give it away willy-nilly.  It has a street value of $200-$300, easily.  So far, our most substantial donor has declined the prize to encourage others to step up to the plate.  Do you have a little time this week to ask others to partner with us?  (And everyone who donates $20 or more gets a JRF water bottle!)

Thanks in advance to Laura Pittman who has committed a percentage of her sales from a craft show tomorrow in Allen, at the Joe Farmer Recreation Center toward the fund.  If you're in the neighborhood, stop by and visit her booth - score some awesome fiber goodies and donate to the Sheep Flock fund at the same time!

Most of all, let's think about the families who will receive the gift of these sheep.  With the wool and milk these sheep will provide, these families can live healthier lives.  Extra income from lambs could mean the difference between a good education and none for the kids.  Little gifts can mean so much.


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