Juicy Workshops Coming in 2011

The Farm Team and I are still polishing up the Farm Calendar for 2011 but I wanted to tip our hand a bit about the things we have in mind.  The official, set-in-stone calendar will be out next week, but I'm rotten at keeping secrets. 

A few of the workshops and activities you can look forward to:
  • Weaving on a Triloom
  • Keeping Suburban Chickens
  • Spinning Wild and Woolly Art Yarns
  • Dyeing for Noro
  • Farm Camp (Ages 7-10) August 1-5
  • Gardening in Texas - Using Native Plants
 And your old favorites will return:
  • "Share the Harvest" Gift Market - October 15
  • Sheep Shearing
  • Shareholders' Christmas Tea - December 10
 Next week we'll have our exact dates nailed down as best we can.  We're still open to suggestions, if you have a great idea for a workshop or farm activity.

2011 - bring it on!


  1. All of these sound AWESOME!

  2. Wanna, wanna, wanna!

  3. woo hoo! Tri-loom! Does that include finding a wall in my house to hang one on?


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