Made It Through the Night

I think Jethro has forgiven me for putting him through yesterday's suffering and indignity.  He was resting in the stall when I came out to feed this morning, but got up and joined the group when the grain started rattling in the pail.

He nosed around in the pellets, but in the end, just opted for some hay.

I'm happy he's up and eating - those are good signs.

Samson, however, has quickly figured out that Jethro is no longer top dog, and has started to push his weight around.  Enjoy it while you can, Sam, your day is coming.

We did get a good bit of rain yesterday; the creek is up, but not badly.  These showers are forecast to move on by early afternoon, and then the water will move happily downstream.

Ruthie stretches herself awake...

The dogs enjoyed their night - alternately romping in the rain and edging the sheep out of the hut.   Ted reports that early this morning, however, all the sheep and dogs had managed to arrange themselves congenially under the shelter.  Everybody is wet and muddy.

Obligatory chicken-with-mud-puddle-reflection picture.

I'll keep you updated on Jethro's recovery process.  So far, so good.


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