Merry Christmas from the LRB

Lemon curd and sour cream.  Write it down and remember it.  Laurie brought some to go on pear slices for our Third Saturday spinning day, and it was a party on a plate.  Whoa.

Old friends and new friends, first-time visitors, and treats.  The LRB was stuffed today with Christmas goodness. 

Dina and Vicky swapped funny stories...

 ...while Dina cranked out darling "soap socks" for Christmas gifts.

We got a visit from Monique and Jeff -- interested primarily in the pasture raised eggs, they left enamored with our fuzzy alpaca's faces.

So good to see Brenda again, and Marlene for the first time in a long time.

My friend Elizabeth, visiting from Austin, got the full LRB treatment,  and decided she likes our brand of fiber festivities.

Folks came and went today, and I missed capturing Leslie and MaryTutu on film.  Mary brought her homemade soaps and we all loaded up like there was no tomorrow--mint, patchouli, frankincense, coffee, lavender, hyacinth... we're going to be squeaky clean in 2011, and smell good getting there.

Thanks, everyone for a sweet 2010 in the LRB - see you next year for our Third Saturday on January 15! 

Our Sheep Fundraiser through World Vision is winding down.  I'm waiting on a couple more checks before I announce the final total.  I know we've hit the goal because a couple of people offered to make sure we did.  Once I know all the money is here, I'll announce the winner of the lovely alpaca shawl--just in time for Christmas!!


  1. Thaks for a fun day! (I can't believe I forgot to hand you a check!!) I LOVE THE LRB : )

  2. And it is lovely . . . the alpaca shawl, that is! Someone will be snuggly, snuggly, softly snuggled in it . . . it is sooooo soft and beautiful!!

    Thank you, Cindy, for another sweet day at the LRB! Every blessing to you in the new year!! xoxo

  3. I'm still pouting that I couldn't make it yesterday! In all this pre-holiday mayhem, I could sure use the respite the Little Red Barn offers!

  4. Let me know if it gets bad, Peggy - we're also available by appointment ;-)


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