Nurturing Young Talent

Young Julia called the farm the other day asking if she could drop by and take some pictures for a high school photography project she is working on.  She's interested in documenting food and its sources, since lots of folks stay largely disconnected from where their food and other consumer products come from.

Well, you know how much I love helping young artists, and you also know how photogenic our critters are, so I was anxious to show her around.

She came today with her sherpa-Dad and burned a lot of pixels meeting all the sheep, dogs, chickens and alpacas.  These critters are quite used to the camera, and did their best to pose prettily for Julia.

Roger naively thought he could pull out a granola bar and snack unnoticed.

Boaz insists on his close up. 

The boys love the camera.

Julia says she'll let me know how they turn out and send us a print of her favorite one.  Keep up the good work, my friend! 


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