It's been three days since I could do my feeding chores, because of a terrible back strain.  Finally today I felt strong enough to at least go out and say hi to the critters (who were well tended in my absence by DH and DD).

Lots of belly-rub love and waggley slobbers from the dogs...

Hopeful greetings from Phineas and Titus...

...until he determined that I was empty-handed...

 Ezra gave me a piece of his mind.

Mary had to sniff for herself...

 Inspecting the chicken coop, I interrupted a hen mid-egg.  
Notice the half-crouch, the puffed feathers, and the glassy eyes?  
Three, two, one...

Voila!  Shiny new egg.

 So glad to be outside again, visiting with my furry and feathered peeps.  Looks like the world keeps turning without me!


  1. It may have kept turning, but only verrrry slowly! I am so glad to know the entire farm didn't totally implode. You could think about straining your back more often...just sayin'


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