The Shawl Finds a Home

Happy Christmas gifting today - our alpaca shawl winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, came by the farm this morning to pick up her beautiful prize.  Many thanks to Amy M who donated the fleece, to Edee and Joyce who spun and knitted it, and to all our generous donors who gave to World Vision to buy four sheep herds.  (I'll be passing out JRF water bottles soon...)

I'm just picturing in my mind, the look on the faces of the families who will receive these sweet sheep... imagining the kids rushing to snuggle into the warm wool of their new ewes and giggling at the sound of the gentle baaaa-ing.  Think about the deep relief and peace of mind of the mom and dad, who finally have a way to make ends meet.  Wouldn't you just give anything to be there?

Giving is a gift to the giver.  Receive it!


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