Sheepish Reunion

Remember sweet Courtney who sold us Phineas (formerly "Puzzle") back in the spring?  I had promised her a second payment for him, contingent on how his fleece grew out, since he was slick sheared when we got him.  We are all about fiber, after all.

We waited six months, and decided that he is indeed growing a fine wool fleece with tons of tiny crimp, and so the second payment was in order.

Courtney is on Christmas break from college, so she came out to get her check and visit with her old pal.  I was delighted to show her how content Phineas is in our flock, and how his fiber is looking.

He was a good boy, and showed off his woolly coat -- Courtney was very impressed with how he had grown, and how well he got along with the other sheep.  We talked a lot about sheep.  I was glad to hear from her that even though she's not pursuing agricultural subjects in college, she still loves sheep and hopes to raise them again sometime in the future.

Come back and see us again, Courtney...  Next we'll get you hooked on spinning.


  1. Anonymous10:22 AM

    This is the stupidest question, but did Phineas "recognize" her and go up and interact with her? And how on earth did she get past Judah and Ruth?

  2. It was hard to tell if he really recognized her or if he was just focused on the feed bucket she was carrying. And yes, I was relieved and surprised that Judah not only tolerated her, but rolled over on his back for her to scritch him!! Did he remember her from last spring when she came before? Does he just see into the heart of people and recognize another "sheep lady?" We may never know!


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