Time for the Big Snip

I've officially reached my limit.  Jethro and Samson must go under the knife.

Samson took a blow to the base of the horn this morning.  No worse for the wear, thankfully.

At shearing, we realized that these two Jacob boys had not been neutered effectively, and were in possession of way too much manliness.  Their massive horns should have been my tip off, but we see what we want to see sometimes, don't we?

I've talked about how their behavior is just a little too rowdy to make them fun (or safe) to handle easily.  I've ignored the problem for months now, but we've come to a fork in the road and it's time to act.

Telltale signs on instigator Jethro's head.  Bad boy.

By Providence, there may be a happy future for the boys.  Just this week, I got a call from a wonderful gal in Denton, Missy, who is looking for a companion for her old Jacob wether.  And though Jethro isn't suitable in his current condition, with a little surgery, he could turn out to be the answer to Missy's need.  If Dr. Lane can remove the source of his attitude, we could have a nice sheep on our hands with a lot of life to live.  And while we're taking care of Jethro, we might as well see to Samson as well.  Samson has the finer fleece of the two, and this could improve his softness even more.  It will certainly improve his disposition.

Miss Phoebe in full fleece.  Yum.

And here's the really sweet part - Missy is going to trade a lovely Shetland ewe named Phoebe for our Jethro.  Won't that be fun?  Phoebe (which is a Biblical name!) will probably live with the remaining Jacobs because that's where we have room in the pasture.  It will be interesting to see how all the personalities in this transaction work out. 

Pray for peace.


  1. It's meant to be. Jethro aka Lucifer (also biblical!) needs to chill :D

    Yay for Phoebe!


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