The X-Man

Jethro's day started out differently than most days today.  Early this morning, Ted helped me squeeze all of him into a very large dog crate, which wasn't easy.  He not only planted his feet and resisted going in (which is totally normal), but once in, he wedged himself horizontally and nearly poked his feet through the side ventilation holes (which is bizarre, even for a sheep).  I wasn't entirely sure the crate would contain him.

But we tied the crate down in the bed of the pickup and headed up to Dr. Lane's office.  A strapping young vet tech helped us move him into the building.

Ted and I returned home, thinking the procedure might not be complete for several hours.  Surprisingly, the office called us almost as we walked in the door and said that Jethro was ready to come home.  Dr. Lane had made the decision to band him, rather than do surgery, and the procedure had not taken much time.  Though banding carries risk, he felt it was safer for Jethro than surgery.

So Gail rode back with me to Farmersville through the mist-turned-to-rain to pick him up.  Back home, Ted was there to help us get the much quieter x-ram out of the crate and into the stall.  He felt the need to get his horn stuck in the crate, so it actually took us a minute to get him out.  I'm not loving horns so much lately.

Walking shyly and a bit stiff-legged, Jethro went straight to the back corner and pouted.  Gail comforted him with a friendly head-scritch.

And Ted, with empathetic compassion, offered him a little get-well snack as he rested in the hay.

Dr. Lane says we need to watch him for a couple of days to make sure he doesn't go into shock or anything, but, assuming all goes well, he should be ready to go to his new home in a couple of weeks.  We may not see a dramatic change in behavior for a month or two.  So, please keep Mr. Jethro in your thoughts, as he recovers from his ordeal, and hopefully, changes his demeanor to the rest of the world.


  1. Awwww, poor little man. He needed it though!

  2. Oooh, don't cop an attitude around Cindy! You'll live to regret it!


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