Young Alana: A Beacon of Love

Alana dropped by to show me her beautiful afghan made with donated yarn.

Last spring, when our shareholder Karen was in town, she invited some of her local family members out to tour the farm with her.  Among them was her niece Alana, a Cadet Girl Scout with big plans.

Alana, second from left, and Karen, far right

Alana kindly invited me to participate in one of her Gold Award projects where she taught younger Girl Scouts and Brownies all kinds of fun things about the fiber arts.  We shared about shearing and spinning, and using the fiber for knitting and crocheting.  Alana was poised and professional in her presentation, and showed infinite patience when working with the younger girls.  She's a great teacher.

Alana teaches Brownies how to weave bracelets with yarn.

Yesterday she dropped by to show me the beautiful things she had made with farm-donated yarn, to give to the residents of The Stewpot - a Dallas homeless shelter where folks get a second chance at life.  Alana had made a beautiful patchwork afghan and many colorful, warm hats that will bring a lot of comfort to folks who depend on the love of others. (Top photo.)

Alana and the Farm will be partnering again next year as she designs her Senior Project.  I can't wait to see what kinds of fiber-loving, community-improving, joy-inducing things she has in mind!


  1. Hi Cindy! I posted this everywhere! Thank you for helping my family with this project.

  2. Anonymous7:04 PM

    That afghan is beautiful!

  3. Yay for young people who get involved -- and ultimately continue the legacy of giving. I love the yarns she used--the afghan is so pretty!! Did she already knit and crochet, or did you teach her that? So pretty!! xoxo


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