In the Quiet of the New Year

Though there is no telling the future, there certainly is planning for the future.  This quiet time of year allows us a bit of space to think ahead to the things we'd like to do, change, accomplish, avoid, and celebrate.

I hope you received our most recent e-mail newsletter, and that you had a chance to look over what's coming up in 2011 here at the farm.  (There's a link in the right side-bar if you'd like to sign up.)  Our farm community is growing well, and now it's time to learn some new things, to add some new skills.  We have some gifted friends with skills they are passionate about sharing.  So, let's put them to work for us!  Which of these workshops interests you or your friends?:

April: Cotton Spinning, with Lisa Randolph
May: Caring for Suburban Chickens, with Gail Stryker
June: Landscaping with Native Plants, with yours truly
July: Spinning Art Yarns, with Leslie Cooper
August: Weaving on a Triangle Loom, with me again
September: Dyeing for Noro, with Laurie McIntyre
October: "Share the Harvest" Holiday Gift Market, with everybody!

OK, that last one isn't a workshop, but it's a huge event we can start looking forward to even now.  Last year our vendors brought in around $4000 between them.  That's a big deal.  Start thinking now if you'd like to be a vendor for the 2011 Gift Market.

Is this your year to get over your intimidation of cotton?  (That would be me.)  Have you always wanted to raise chickens or weave on a tri-loom?  Is dyeing your passion?  Do wild art yarns fire you up?  Would you rather work against or with your landscaping in this Texas weather?

If you just need a quiet, friendly place to let your hair down and knit or spin with friends, well, you know you're always in luck on the third Saturday of the month.  The coffee pot is on for you in the Little Red Barn.

I'd say we have an incredible ride awaiting us!  Hop on and bring a friend...

I'll be sending detailed reminder e-notices out a few weeks before each class so that everyone will have time to plan.  These workshops are low cost, and open to the public, so if you have friends with interest in these subjects, please help us get the word out to them.

What other skills would you love to learn?


  1. Sounds like a really fun schedule!! What a great year ahead of you.


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