New Shed Shelters Sheep from Sleet

It's here at last--the day of final conversion.  The structure we've always called the "Cadillac Shed" is now finally a sheep shelter - just in time for a big winter storm.  I am so thrilled.  Gail and I put the finishing touches on the cleaning up, and then cut a hole in the south wall so that the sheep can get in and out.

They were a little tentative at first, but then they caught a whiff of the fresh hay and grain we had laid out for them, and they were drawn irresistibly.  First one sheep, then two, then the flock flew in.

The dogs haven't discovered it yet, but they have the hoop shelter all to themselves now, so they may not even care.

Then we combed the farm putting all the other cold weather preparations in place.  Gail helped me move the Jacobs down to the "pocket" because it has its own little shed that just fits them.

This way the alpacas will have the whole barn to themselves--surely everyone can find a stall out of the weather.  All the hay feeders are full and the hatches battened.

I'm so grateful for modern technology that allows us to get advance warning of these cold blasts and prepare.  I'll really sleep better tonight.

DD is praying for enough weather to stay home from school.  That would be fine with me.  I'm stocked up with lots of paperwork, housework, and art yarn spinning to keep me busy.  Hope there's enough hot chocolate in the pantry.  Tomorrow's going to be a hunker down kind of day.


  1. Whoa, that is SERIOUS progress! I'm impressed!

  2. The Welder9:11 PM

    WoW !!! Great job with the "cadillac shed" conversion !! I'm sure the sheep will love it !!!

  3. HOLY SHEEP SHED!! I can hardly believe my eyes! Just last week....WHERE has Gail BEEN all our lives????

  4. Hooray! Just in time. I do love the alliteration, btw.

  5. I'm sure the sheep appreciate all your efforts!

  6. I must admit, I'm jealous of your hunkering down days. I hope you all are staying safe - all you hear about on the news here in So. Cal. is about your storms, and Egypt. We have family in Oklahoma, gotta call and make sure they are okay.


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