Passing on the Craft

The LRB isn't about experts gathering.  It's about learners and teachers gathering.  And many times, last month's teachers become this month's learners. 

Yesterday we met Kara, a brand new knitter who's learning like a house on fire.  We sent her home with a bunch of Yarn Storm yarn to encourage her in her new addic... um, passion.

Peggy (Smokey's favorite lap) learned a new trick about getting yarn from one bobbin to another, and took home a bunch of Yarn Storm yarn for women prisoners in the Dallas County system.

New shareholder and week-old spinner, Ashley got lots of good advice from Laurie and the group, and made incredible strides in her spinning.

She left with a gorgeous skein of ready-to-wash-and-knit yarn.  We know she has a bunch of lovely roving in her infant stash, so she'll be busy for a while.  Already an accomplished and successful knitter, she's taken her potential to a whole new level.

Peggy R. worked doggedly on a pair of fingerless mitts for a friend, getting lots of good advice as she went.  She also went home with some Yarn Storm yarn for an elderly friend who knits for charity.

Vickie came with a mission - learn to weave on the triloom.  So we pulled down the small loom and got her going.  It didn't take long, and before she knew it...

Voila!  A lovely triloom scarf made out of her own alpaca's fiber.  I think she's hooked.

Karen worked away on a nice, functional wash cloth, and gave Smokey another warm lap to occupy.  Karen is quite a prolific knitter, and has produced some gorgeous entrelac work lately.  I may have her sit next to me next month while I pull out my bag of Kureon to play with.

Our Mary is always a source of fun and adventure - she worked on her lovely red Central Park Hoodie, and told harrowing stories about having to rip back rows and rows to fix a mistake.  It's encouraging to know that even experienced knitters face challenges, and to hear about how they overcome.  The sweater is coming right along, and will be quite a masterpiece when she's done.

Leslie stopped by briefly, and gave us the good news that she'll be teaching some cool art yarn classes at the Shabby Sheep in the future.  Watch for details.

Gail, bless her, worked on a very nice crocheted gaiter, learned to cast on and knit, and then disappeared to the pasture to start our evening feeding chores... one of our bona fide farm angels.

We'll gather again next week for those who weren't able to come, (and those who were), so think about what you might like to learn and teach over a cup of fresh coffee and kolaches.  We'll also Yarn Storm again - we still have other potential recipients in the wings.


  1. sooo jealous! I was taking my brother and his fiance and their gorgeous baby to Ikea to help them outfit a brand new apartment and start their new life together!!! Hoping I can make it next time!

  2. This was a truly magical day! I can't wait for next month. Ashley

  3. I really miss meeting with you ladies. Did I read this right and you are meeting again next weekend? What time? I might be free this weekend.

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  5. Sorry Cindy, I got a bit carried away with the above! I didn't think Rav was letting me post so I posted here too! I love this post about passing on the craft! How many people are you hoping to add to the list of beginners this year? It was SO exciting to see all the new faces and their progression last year!
    I like the encouragement of an experienced knitter haveing to rip back too! Happened to me yesterday....a simple pattern, but on a top down, all in one, I discovered I didn't have enough neck stitches....grrrr! Today is a new day!


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