"Progress" Pounding at the Gates

At first there were just a couple of big trucks rumbling down our road.  Then the numbers picked up.  Today, there are a dozen pieces of construction equipment grinding up and down our little asphalt road, to the big pasture just north of us.  Or, what used to be a big pasture.

We always had big power lines going through there, but underneath them, horses grazed quietly and woodsy vegetation softened the fence lines.  So many trees and bushes obscured our view of that property that we just thought of it as "the woods to the north."

No more.

Tree trimmers started first, clearing not only limbs and branches, but whole trees.  Then came the graders, and the rock haulers.  Now there are cranes, front-end loaders, augers, concrete mixers, cherry pickers, flat bed trailers, and lots of guys in orange vests.

At first the dogs got lots of exercise running the fence line and barking at each invading mechanical menace.  But now there are too many.  The dogs have given up and retreated to the hut to sleep through the cacophony.

My hope is that once the improvements to the power lines have been made, all the construction staff and vehicles will clear out and we'll be able to go back to our peaceful life.  And when the spring vegetation returns to the trees left to wear it, the stark view will once again soften, and the highway noises will be buffered.  I'm thinking a row of cedar trees might be in order now.

In the meantime, I'm fitting all the sheep for hard hats.


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