Puppy Names

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Donatella and Giovanni.

Again, I'm borrowing Susie's photo of Eleanor and Jenn, Juniper Moon Farm apprentices, holding the pups.  I can't even tell which one is which, but does it really matter?  Double-barrelled gorgeousness.

It felt a little contrived to me to just take Italian versions of Bible names, so instead, we went with Biblical themes that describe these pups and the whole situation to a T.

"Donatella" means "gift from God" and we'll probably call her Tella for short.  "Giovanni" is the Italian version of "John" and means "God is gracious," or "God's gracious gift."  We'll call him Vanni.  Whatcha think?  It will take some getting used to, but we have five weeks or so for the names to find a home in our hearts.

I'm busy reading every LGD website I can find for info on raising puppies.  A lot of the skill of guarding stock is instinctual, and they'll have the big dogs there for help and mentoring, but we have a part to play as well, and I want to do the best job I can for them.  This is a long-term commitment to living creatures, and I do not take it lightly.

And I'll be taking reservations for puppy-breath sessions once Tella and Vanni get here.


  1. Versace!! My SIL has a shih-tzu named Giovanni. They call him Gio. Anyhow, beautiful names for beautiful dogs. I wish you lots is happy safely guarded years with them!

  2. Ack, Melissa! I was hoping no one would make the Versace connection. ;-) I actually chose the name in SPITE of the famous Donatella. Glad you like the names, and thanks for the kind wishes. Come visit the pups when they get here...

  3. Anonymous6:21 AM

    I think the names sound great! Gift from God and God is Gracious ... Doesn't get any better than that. :D

  4. So glad to know their names -- now we can start calling them something besides "oh! you cute puppeh-pies!" They are a couple of fat and fluffy loves, tottering around the barn stall!
    xo, eleanor

  5. Oh Eleanor!!! Squeeze them a bunch for me. Just thinking about it makes me well up. Tell them how much their friends in Texas are anticipating their arrival!

  6. What fun and such gorgeous puppies!

  7. What adorable puppies!!! I'm so excited for you that you will get to raise these guys. I'll be making a reservation to come see them as soon as you're ready. =)


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