Spring Garden Cleaning, and a Winner

Taking advantage of our temporary spring-like weather, Farmhand Gail started digging in the garden yesterday.  "Dirt Fever" she calls it, and is suffering from a pretty bad case.  Well, I don't want anyone suffering needlessly, so I turned her loose on our ragamuffin vegetable beds.

First she pulled up some feral scallion-like-things in the yard and turned up some lovely earthworms in the process.

Then she planted a bunch of white onion sets, and rows and rows of spinach.  There is still cold weather to come, so she chose winter veggies, and installed some cozy row covers to help them through the rough times ahead.  We should be covered up with spinach in a couple of weeks.  Nice.

Then she came in, having worked up quite an appetite, and whipped together a lovely pasta dish with the front yard scallions, and stuff we found in the fridge.  Yowza - someday I'll learn how to do that.  I so envy people who can pull random stuff out of the cabinet and throw together a gourmet meal.

On top of that, we took a third load of stuff to the dump from the soon-to-be sheep shed, and now I'm really beginning to see victory on the horizon.

Just a gorgeous, gorgeous day.

As if all that wasn't satisfying and delightful enough, I got to read all the lovely comments you guys made on the blog the last couple of days.  You all are entirely too sweet!  I loved hearing from old timers, new timers, "virtual" friends from far away, visitors, and wish-we-could-visit-ors - all testifying to the joy the farm has brought.  I'm bursting with joy and gratitude.  Please know that all the sentiments you shared are mutual.  You each are vital to the life of the farm in your own way.

And I wish I had twenty or thirty batches of yarn to give away....  The Random Number Generator says that Jennifer will be receiving the Jacob yarn!  Congratulations and thank you so much for your comment!  I can't wait to see how this beautiful stuff works up for you.

Thank you all for your continued support of the farm through visits to the LRB or to the blog.  Either way, you're very special to me. 

More farmy goodness on its way, y'all...


  1. Yay Jennifer!! KNIT ON!! And CHEERS to Gail, the dirt Queen. Can ya dig it??

  2. Gotta go get my onion sets tomorrow!!! Thanks for reminding me.

  3. ME?! Really? Wow, thanks Cindy! This is a nice surprise to find after being away from the computer for a couple of days! Here's to many more Eureka Days in the future!


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