Synergy and Serenity

Was it the gorgeous weather, or the promise of congenial company?  Eighteen lovely ladies and two gentlemen graced the Little Red Barn today.  We welcomed Catherine, Angela and Irene for the first time today, and they contributed so much to our party.  Catherine learned to spin on a drop spindle for the first time, Angela finished a past-due Christmas gift, and Irene brought us Local. Colored. Cotton.  Amazing.  (I'll be trotting over to her house here in Parker very soon to learn more about her special homestead operation.)

Some of our friends hadn't been over in a while and we had some catching up to do.  Jennifer has an exciting project in the works: a small yarn shop in an antique mall in Waxahachie.  She'll have more details up on her blog soon, and I'll pass on all the information here as well.

We assembled more Yarn Storm yarn and will be sorting it soon according to its future purposes.  The women's prison in Dallas needs plain worsted weight yarn the most, as the ladies knit blankets with the donations that come in. 

Ellie and her husband drove over from Arlington to get some consultation on a knitting project she is planning: duplicating a beloved cardigan.  The wealth of knowledge around the room got her off to a great start, and she even got an escort to the Woolie Ewe from Brenda, who was headed that way.

You'll be relieved to know that Tasha washed her hair especially for her day at the LRB, knowing that she might end up on the blog for everyone to see.  Thanks, Tash!  How pretty!

Angela finished one of Cat Bordhi's moebius baskets.  She has cranked out a dozen of these quick felting projects because they're just so cool.  Funny, the last time I sat down to knit with Angela, she was working on one of these baskets in the Cat Bordhi class we attended together!

Nice Noro vest, Dina...

Vickie's ready to weave with her alpaca yarn.

Pam began the adventure of converting to continental knitting.  You won't regret it, Pam.

Anna made great progress on her crocheted shawl.  Tiny, tiny, tiny crochet.  Wow.

At times exciting, in the exchange of ideas and knowledge, and at other times, peaceful, relaxing and refreshing.  One of our sweetest moments today was when Leslie played us the video she has made as an entry in Susie Gibb's Flock Giveaway Contest.  Such a wonderful job, girl - we're all pulling for you!  What a sumptuous afternoon... 

A lot of us are looking forward to the DFW Fiber Fest in April.  We'll have an information booth, and I'll be teaching a couple of spinning classes.  Anna says they're close to full!

Our LRB newbies needed a pasture tour, of course.  Catherine communed with Tommy the old-man Jacob sheep.

Next Saturday, Science Officer Chris will be here at the farm to take some soil samples for us.  We're finally getting around to having our pastures checked by the county extension service to see exactly what we have here.  We're also going to halter the alpacas and start giving them some practice on lead.  Let me know if you'd like to come by and help us out.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day and fun by all. Pam will truly love continental knitting, when she gets the hang of it! Go Pam!

  2. I've edited the post to correct a mistake in two places. 1) It was Brenda who escorted Ellie to the Woolie Ewe, and 2) there were actually eighteen ladies who came to the barn Saturday. Because of some staggered schedules, everyone managed to fit just fine! Coincidence? I think not. ;-)

    Let's do it again next month!

  3. So sorry I missed the big day !!


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